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An abusive relationship, especially at the beginning, doesn’t have to be all negative. You may be happy, things may seem normal…but beware of these early signs and red flags of domestic violence:

  • Your partner may want to spend as much one-on-one time with you as possible. This may seem wonderful at first, but it could be their way of controlling you and creating co-dependance.
  • Your partner may be eager to combine your finances early on. Again, you may find this awesome.  You may think he or she is excited and serious about your relationship.  But beware: there is a thin line between being interested and concerned about you and wanting to know and control your every move.
  • If the gifts, compliments and praises keep coming, look out, they may be love bombing you and later on, use this as leverage to control you.
  • If your partner keeps giving you unsolicited feedback about how you can better yourself, the intension may not be to help you but rather to have you question your worth.

Red Flags and Early Signs :

Cloud of domestic abuse red flags and signs


To read more about red flags and early signs of Domestic Violence, check out this Healthline article. [i]

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Written by: Tara Grenier, M.Sc., CAT(C), Injury Prevention Professional at the Montreal General Hospital- McGill University Health Centre

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