Become an Injury Prevention Champion

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


How to become an Injury Prevention Champion

Be the Angelina Jolie to our Goodwill. Be the Samuel Jackson to our One for the Boys. You get the idea. We need you to be our celebrity.

You know about all the brand ambassadors, right? It’s the same. You get to be one of our ambassadors, while relaying safety messages to your peers and supporting a great cause.

You’re in?

Read on, we offer eye-opening programs that will have you speaking up to change the stats faster than you can say ‘trauma’!

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What is it like? Our champions, Noémie and Emmanuelle, share their story with you.

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As Injury Prevention Champions, we need you to pass on the message of what you saw and learned during your experience to your peers.

If they don’t listen to us, they might listen to you. It takes one drop to start a ripple effect… It starts with you.


Trauma Tour

Our Trauma Centre Tour has been transformed and it is now offered as a Virtual Tour!

The goal remains the same : to open your eyes to the consequences of risky behaviour, while introducing you to health care professions along the way. The content may be disturbing to some.

We do a virtual visit of the following areas: the resuscitation bay in the emergency room where we re-enact a trauma scene, the CT scanner area, the operating floor, and the intensive care unit. Survival stories are shared and various topics are addressed, such as the important role of the blood bank, and tissue and organ donation.

Injury Prevention and Road Safety Ambassador Programs

The Injury Prevention and Road Safery Ambassador Program requires you to share your experience with others in the form of a presentation.

The Injury Prevention and Road Safety Ambassador Program requires you to share your trauma centre visit experience with your peers and teach them a few road safety tips.

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Our Champions in Action

Our champions are not just spokespeople for the cause, they also get to truly understand what goes on after a trauma happens.