As much as young people are used to watching spectacular scenes on TV or the web, they rarely get to witness a ”real” road collision, live.

The premise is simple but powerful : we welcome Secondary 5 students to a 2-car crash simulation called ‘Simulation Frappante’. The goal is to raise awareness of the risks of impaired driving and the devastating consequences of road collisions.

Crash Simulation Video Series

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted the format of the Crash Simulation to a series of trauma prevention videos shared on the web and social media.


During our live Crash Simulation events, the audience usually gets to witness how quickly emergency services must respond to save lives and to ensure the safety of all those involved.

Particular attention is given to alcohol- and drug-impaired driving.

To date, approximately 15,000 students from various schools in the Longueuil and Montérégie regions have attended this lifelike reconstruction.

Crash Simulation – Why We Do It

It is always harder to handle an incident involving young people. We would rather not have any of those, hence why prevention matters so much!

– Valérie, paramedic

This kind of program speaks to youth. I strongly encourage other teachers to sign up their students to one of Code Trauma’s activities.

– Katia, teacher

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