It would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to prohibit young people from being adventurous. But we can help them reduce their risk of injury and death through an honest and focused prevention approach. When young people learn to identify the risks of a situation, they can make better choices for themselves and their friends. That’s what the Crash Course in Trauma is all about.

Reality Check

In clear language and with graphic images, the Montreal General Hospital Trauma Centre experts show young people the risks of speed and substance abuse in cars, of gunshot and knife wounds, and of “extreme sports” without adequate protective gear. They paint a stark picture of the reality of life for many who pass through the Trauma Centre – years of rehabilitation, cognitive impairment, paraplegia, ostomy bags, impotence and other life-diminishing effects of medical trauma.

With the reality check comes a clear message : you don’t want to be on the stretcher!

Risk Awareness and Responsibility

In addition, our specialists initiate discussions about peer pressure, decision making, and being a true hero in the face of potentially life-threatening situations, such as taking the car key away from a drunken friend. Conversation about risky behaviour is encouraged to continue with teachers, parents, and most importantly, peers.

All in all, this course allows young people to feel the adrenaline of emergency services, while seeing all the challenges faced by nurses, doctors, technicians and other specialists from one of the finest and busiest trauma centres in North America.

Since the beginning of the program, we have organized over 40 presentations and 25 information booths, reaching more than 6,000 students through this program alone.

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