Don’t wait until it is too late!  Start making a few simple changes today that can help you prevent a fall tomorrow.  The Injury Prevention Professional, Tara Grenier, a member of the Montreal General Hospital’s (MGH) Trauma Program at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), tours independent living seniors’ residences to provide well-needed information regarding fall prevention.

“Every year we admit approximately 1000 patients here at the MGH, a Level-1 Trauma Centre, as a result of a fall and the majority are seniors. The falls result in devastating and debilitating injuries. At least 30% of these patients sustain a traumatic brain injury.”  says Johanne Prud’homme, Trauma Registry Team Leader.

Ms. Grenier, shares these statistics and more ­[i] ­[ii]  [iii] during the visit in order to get the residents attention about the importance of preventing the falls in the first place. The risk factors for falls are reviewed; the seniors find out what they can do to reduce their risk of falling; the audience are encouraged to stay active, in fact, they actively participate in several exercises; and lastly they do an overview of how they can make their apartment safer.

If you want to book a free 1-hour Fall Prevention session in French or English, contact  For more info visit:

Mile-End Residents on February 29, 2024

Côte St-Paul Residents on February 28, 2024




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