Seniors from Robert Dobie Residence were the latest to be visited by a member of the Montreal General Hospital’s Trauma Team.  Injury Prevention Coordinator, Tara Grenier, hopes to reduce the number of falls in the senior population by visiting one residence at a time.  “The numbers of trauma patients here as a result of a fall continues to increase yearly, and unfortunately the trends will continue to rise due to the aging population.  When I started here 14 years ago, we would admit around 800 patients for a fall per year and now we are up to 1000.  The injuries can be devastating.  Many of these injuries are preventable, so we all need to do our share to make a difference.” Says Ms. Grenier.

The residents listened attentively to the risk factors, learned how they could decrease their risk of falling, did some exercises, found out how to make their environment a safer place to live.

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